The art of scheduling

Every aspect of your scheduling protocols and team communication must be taken into consideration to properly utilize your time, keep the doctor moving and serve the patient at the highest level. 

DDS Scheduling Camp provides will train you how to define, develop and systemize a daily scheduling and team communications protocol in which each team member has the ability to implement.   Your team will greatly improve their efficiency by removing the unknowns from your scheduling and team communication.

DDS Scheduling Camp helps you capitalize on the opportunity that lies right in front of you.

It goes without saying that every practice expects their coach to deliver them practice growth. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that most coaches claim that they will deliver a promise that they cannot fulfill.  The reason is no amount of new patient marketing can convert an inquiring consumer into a patient without a proper nurturing, intake, scheduling and communications protocol.  Simply put, patients are more savvy than ever and expect you to deliver on promises you make to them.  DDS Scheduling Camp will show you how to maximize your scheduling, systems and team communications in order to fill your schedule day in and day out without the need for expensive ineffective marketing.

Course Outline

A customized training program designed to build, train and implement an effective scheduling protocol. 


  • The art of scheduling - Why a scheduling strategy is imperative to building a successful practice.
  • Procedures - Understanding uninterrupted procedures and the "how" in this art of scheduling 

Strategy, Training & Implementation 

  • Defining your goal - Develop the skills and understanding you need to schedule to goal
  • Complete team utilization - Learn how to utilize the entire team within the Dental Practice Act
  • Hygiene department scheduling - Proper procedures to maximize efficiency
  • Technology - How to utilized technology to improve consistency 
  • Protocols Develop protocols that create clinical efficiency
  • Emergency time - How to properly handle emergencies without conflict to your schedule
  • NP time - How to make ample time for new patients to improve upon their first experience
  • Consultations -  Proper timing and protocol for new patient consults
  • Treatment planning - How to improve your treatment planning communication and processes
  • Team communication - Learn techniques to improve communication between team members