Dr. Truelove February 2015 Literature Review


Dr. Truelove February 2015 Literature Review


This course offers 2 hour's of CE credit and is available for automatic download.

Instructor: Dr. Edmond Truelove, DDS, MSD
Course Credits: 2 CE hours
Subject Code: 730 Oral Medicine
Video Length: 1hr 27mins
Estimated Exam Length: 8 minutes

Topics covered:

  • Foreign bodies associated with peri-implantitis human biopsies.
  • Fiber intake and risk of subsequent prostate cancer in Japanese men.
  • Predicting cancer risk from dental computed tomography.
  • Elevated risk of subsequent primary malignancies in patients with thyroid cancer: a nationwide population-based study.
  • The dangers of dental devices as reported in the food and drug administration manufacturer and user facility device experience database.
  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular effects in response to red bull consumption combined with mental stress.
  • Temporal correlation between bisphosphonate termination and symptom resolution in osteonecrosis of the jaw: a pooled case report analysis.
  • Clinical outcomes when applying NICE guidance for the investigation of recent-onset chest pain to a rapid-access chest pain clinic population.
  • Melatonin therapy for REM sleep behavior disorder: a critical review of evidence.
  • Calcium and phosphorus intake and prostate cancer risk: a 24 yr. follow-up study.
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Course Introduction with Dr. Timothy Hess: