Dr. Truelove May 2014 Literature Review


Dr. Truelove May 2014 Literature Review


This course offers 2 hour's of CE credit and is available for automatic download.

Instructor: Dr. Edmond Truelove, DDS, MSD
Course Credits: 2 CE hours
Subject Code: 730 Oral Medicine
Video Length: 1hr 5mins
Estimated Exam Length: 8 minutes


Subjects covered:

  • Sleep Apnea and Women
  • Periodontitis & Phenomena 
  • Hepatitis C Infectivity
  • Pre-Procedural Mouth Rinsing
  • Vitamin D & Cognitive Function
  • Corrosive microbiology & Titanium
  • Probiotic Supplementation & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Oral Lichenoid Lesions & Restorations
  • Physical Activity in Older Men & Coronary Heart Disease
  • Insomnia & Ill Health
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Course Introduction with Dr. Timothy Hess: