DDS Brand Camp

An all-inclusive branding strategy, design & marketing development program

A common mis-conception among dentists and dental marketers alike is that a brand is reserved only for big companies like Apple, Nordstrom and Starbucks. Yet they continue to ponder why they cannot grow beyond insurance driven patients.  The truth is that consumers view nearly all dentists as generic providers of the exact same service.  Moreover, only 14% of consumers even believe the marketing they consume today.  This leaves consumers comparing dental providers based only on insurance and price.  Without a strong brand story, your practice gets lost in what we call "The Lost Sea of Generic Dental Marketing".

DDS Brand Camp helps you to think and promote your practice differently.  

DDS Brand Camp is designed to educate and train your team on what a brand is and why it matters from the patients point of view.  Next, we will guide you through a strategic thinking and brainstorming process to help you to view your practice from the patients viewpoint.  This viewpoint is what ultimately will lead you to a deeper understanding of what truly makes your practice unique and valuable to consumers and current patients.  Finally, DDS Brand Camp sets your new brand in motion by helping you implement the visual, verbal, written communication and design elements you will need to lift you out of the "Lost Sea of Generic Dental Marketing".   

Course Outline

Learning Phase

  • What is a brand?  Why does it matter? - Real world examples of how brand wins over generic.
  • The story.  The experience. - How a brand breaks through the clutter of todays technology driven media.
  • The Relationship Economy-  Why today's consumer requires nurturing & engagement over marketing.

Strategic Planning Phase

  • The Hedgehog Principal - Determine how to most effectively define your desired brand perception.
  • Define your Brand Mission - Who are you?  What do you do?  Why does it matter to your patients?
  • Define your Brand Promise -  A value proposition your team will stand behind without compromise.
  • Tell Your Brand Story - Developing a story outline that aligns your desired positioning strategy. 
  • Patient Education - Learn how to leverage your most valuable asset - your patients, to build referrals and repeat appointments.

Branding Program Design Phase

  • Color/Shape/Font/Image Psychology - Learn what design elements properly define your newly defined brand position. 
  • Identity - Learn how to properly develop a naming, logo & tagline to support your strategy.
  • Web and new media - Learn the important elements you need to include in your web and social design.
  • Media Planning - Develop your media promotions plan & budget.
  • Search & Social - Develop your search and social media strategy.
  • Data Capture & Measurement - Learn how and why capturing data is critical to building an effective strategy.
  • Lead Nurturing & Follow up - Learn how to encourage prospective patients to appoint without discounting your dentistry.
  • Automation - Learn how automation will maintain consistent implementation, lower costs and free up valuable time.

(Optional) 90-Day Web/Graphic Design Development 

 - Our team will design and launch your entire marketing & automation program including the following:

  • Logo, Website & Social Media Program Design & Development
  • Search & Social Optimization Program

(Optional) Legwork Automation Program

  • Online Lead Data Capture, Nurturing & Follow-up
  • Automated Patient Referral & Reviews Program
  • Automated Patient Education Program
  • Automated appointment reminders, recall and reactivation program