Fixed Removable Hybrid Prosthetic Therapy Course

Description of Course Content

Fixed removable hybrid prosthetic therapy has become a viable option for the edentulous or terminal dentition patient.  Many implant companies have embraced this existing treatment option including All-on-4 ™ (Nobel Biocare),  SmartFix ™ (Dentsply) and others.  However, hybrids can pose challenges even for the dentist that is skilled in removable prosthetics and implants.  The participation course will focus on walking the dentist through the hybrid procedure start to finish.  Emphasis will be placed on avoiding common hybrid treatment errors.  Participants will learn how to treat the hybrid patient as efficiently as possible.

The Educational Objectives

Educational Objectives will cover but not limited to:

1.       Examination and Treatment Planning

2.       Initial Records and ICD Fabrication

3.       Observation of Surgical Procedure

4.       Conversion of ICD to Interim Prosthesis

5.       Repair of Interim Prosthesis

6.       Final Impressions

7.       Framework and Wax Try-In

8.       Delivery of Fixed Removable Hybrid

9.       Maintenance

Additional Information

The course is recommended for dentists interested in presenting fixed removable prosthesis to their edentulous or terminal dentition patients.  The dentist is encourages to bring a staff member that assists in prosthetic procedures.

Approximately 15 hours of CDE credit can be obtained in AGD subject code: 674-Fixed Restorative Hybrid Prosthesis.

Participants should bring: loupes and relevant patient records.

Course schedule and fees

One on One Course:

Scheduled on mutually acceptable days.

reStor Dental Center
411 Strander Blvd Ste #205
Seattle, WA 98188

No fee for participating dentist. Participating dentist needs to supply a patient for fixed removable prosthetic therapy.  Patient fee of $29,000.00 per arch is due at time of initial records.

WAGD Lecture Course:

Scheduled via the WAGD. Contact their office at (253) 306-0730 to signup for the next available lecture. 

Cedarbrook Lodge 
18525 36th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98188

Pricing established with WAGD. Contact their office at (253) 306-0730 to discuss registration fees.